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As indicated on the home page of this website,  the main goal of this website is just to introduce the LHC experiment and some simple physical calculi about some phenomena which took place in any particle accelerators. They can be used in the secondary school classroom in order to stimulate the curiosity of students, to help them to understand those physical concepts, and as an example of the relationship between the cold equations of Physics on the blackboard and the exciting work in scientific research.

The calculations that you will be finding in this Web are adapted to the Physics of Secondary School and in most of the cases are only very simple approaches to the correct results.

If you find any mistake, please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll try to correct as rapidly as possible.

If you wish for more specific information you must go to websites linked to CERN and its experiments, where you will obtain more complex and specific descriptions and data.

This Website has received the permissión of CERN to use informations, data, texts and images from CERN websites. The use on this Website of the various materials from publications produced by CERN is strictly in accordance with CERN's terms of use.

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Xabier Cid Vidal, PhD in experimental Particle Physics for Santiago University (USC). Research Fellow in experimental Particle Physics at CERN from January 2013 to Decembre 2015. He was until 2022 linked to the Department of Particle Physics of the USC as a "Juan de La Cierva", "Ramon y Cajal" fellow (Spanish Postdoctoral Senior Grants), and Associate Professor. Since 2023 is Senior Lecturer in that Department.(ORCID).

Ramon Cid Manzano, until his retirement in 2020 was secondary school Physics Teacher at IES de SAR (Santiago - Spain), and part-time Lecturer (Profesor Asociado) in Faculty of Education at the University of Santiago (Spain). He has a Degree in Physics and a Degree in Chemistry, and he is PhD for Santiago University (USC) (ORCID).



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 For the bibliography used when writing this Section please go to the References Section

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